How to choose a variety of slippers

Slippers as a kind of shoes, whether at home, or leisure out, go to the seaside, slippers with its convenient design have been more and more people loved, but in different occasions, the material choice of slippers is also different, that in the end what material slippers are  good? Today, let everpal show you three common slipper materials!

Rubber slippers

Women's Rubber Flip Flops

The sole of rubber slippers is made of rubber. As a natural material, rubber plays a green and environmental role. Moreover, natural rubber is very soft and elastic, making it comfortable to wear.
Advantages and disadvantages: non-slip, soft, waterproof, the sole is not easy to break; But not wear-resistant.
Purchase tips: Rubber slippers include natural rubber material and synthetic rubber material. Natural rubber slippers can be chosen for the pursuit of comfortable and soft wearing experience, while synthetic rubber material has stronger wear resistance, suitable for people who often go out.

Fluffy Slippers

Indoor Slippers For Women

In the cold winter, thick and warm fluffy slippers with soft texture and foot protection are comfortable to wear and have a cute shape. They have become one of the indispensable warm items at home in winter. Because fluffy slippers are not waterproof, we should pay special attention when wearing them. In addition, we should pay attention to the fact that fluffy slippers should not be worn with family members to avoid bacterial infection.

Advantages and disadvantages: warm, soft; But not waterproof.

Purchase skills: good fluffy slippers, will not have pungent smell; Upper fabric color is positive; Good quality fluffy slippers, with thick upper and no white marks on the soles when folded by hand, will last longer and keep you warmer.

Leather Sandals

Mens Leather Sandals

Leather sandals are comfortable and soft, and it they have good air permeability and glossy leather, elegant leather sandals let you at home also maintain exquisite, even if you wear it out, it feels right. but because of the leather material is more fragile, you need to take care of it.Do not wear to brush shoe polish, and then set a layer of dust cloth above, so that you can wear longer.
Advantages: Good air permeability, soft and glossy, moisture absorption
Disadvantages: vamp fragile to be carefully maintained, try not to dip in water
Purchase skills: the choice of leather sandals mainly depends on the choice of material, first of all to see whether the leather is soft and glossy, and then touch the leather is soft, suture is solid and firm, the best choice of non-slip soles, wear more safe.