​How to choose rain boots of kids?


How to choose rain boots of kids?

Tips for picking rain boots of kids:

① We all know that the weight of rain boots is relatively heavy, so the size of a pair of rain boots is the best and the baby's feet, can not buy too small do not buy a size. This way the child will not feel labored after wearing, but also can play in the water more relaxed and happy.

② The soles of wellies are a very important part, which is related to the safety of children. Children's rain boots must have non-slip soles to make them safer to run in the rain.

③ The soles of the rain boots determine the comfort of the baby, the best rain shoes with a pair of cotton insole, not only can achieve the effect of sweat absorption, the most important is that the baby will be more comfortable.

④ The color of rain boots had better be bright and vivid. Not only because it looks good, but also because it is easy for parents to find their children, but watch out for rubber smell on the wellies. Pay attention to the quality of rain boots when buying rain shoes for the baby, it is best to choose soft rubber, so that children can wear more comfortable.

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