There are many benefits to wearing sandals


Wearing sandals can help keep your feet refreshing and ventilated. The weather is hot in summer, and the feet are easy to sweat. The traditional closed shoes may cause humidity and impermeability of the feet, and it is easy to breed bacteria and fungal infections. In contrast, sandals usually use open design, which can make air circulation, reduce the humidity and odor of the feet, and keep the feet refreshing and dry.

Secondly, wearing sandals can help prevent foot diseases. Closed shoes may limit the free movement of the feet and increase the risk of injuries and injuries of the foot. And sandals provide larger foot space, reducing the possibility of squeezing and abrasion from the feet. In addition, wearing sandals also helps to prevent fungal infections such as foot and onychomycosis, because sandals provide a better ventilation and dry environment.

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